Examples of our installs: Steve house over looking Narrabeen lake
20x Suntech Pluto's 215 w Panels
Aoura inverter
Best Daily out put 28.9 kWhrs !! The State record!
Average House load 15-20 kW
Steves Output


Nicola house in leafy Beacon hill
6x Enertec 185 w Panels
Sunny boy 1.5kW inverter
Best Daily out put 5.8kWhrs
Average House load 32kW to now 18 kW due to home energy savings

Examples of home owners doing due diligence and how we provided help.

Narraweena 3kW
24x 120W Mitsubishi Panels
Sunny boy 3.8kW inverter

Client was lied to by salemen that solar would not work or he has buy over priced expensive micro inverters, as the large tree shades the house 1-2 hrs for some months .
After a detailed analysis .We installed thin film panels that work off defused light or little loss in mottled leaf shade, saving him thousands. Please get advice from an expert!



Croma 3kW
16x 195W Astro energy
Xantrex 3kW inverter

Again client was lied to by salesmen that only 1.5kW would fit on north roof or she has to buy expensive micro inverters due to western power pole shadow as some panels will need to go on the western facing roof ?!
Easily installed 3kWs.Please don't accept hype or pressure to sign a contract.
Talk to an Solarwind expert.